Diesel is still on my mind this morning so I’m sharing another from his Cherish Session. It was so clear that even though their time with him was coming to an end Nick and Christine were staying positive enjoying every moment they had left. Diesel himself was quite energetic and interested to sniff around and explore the park and goof off with his Boxer sister Stella. But nothing beats snuggles with his mom. Love this sweet moment between them. ⠀

If your dog is elderly or in failing health please do not hesitate to call ….. I’ll find the first available time to photograph your pet and create portraits you will cherish after they are gone.⠀




Diesel’s Cherish Session…..this sweet guy crossed the Rainbow Bridge only a few weeks after this photo session. So glad I had a Saturday spot open when his humans gave me a ring and we had a lovely shoot on an unusually mild January day. It was so special to have the Reveal today and see their joy in these images, knowing they’ll have these portraits forever. Rest easy Diesel, your family loves you and misses you but will cherish you forever.⠀



And on the subject of pink tulle (from yesterday’s post)…….it was brought to my attention I had not shared this image from Chico’s photo shoot.  My bad.  For some silly reason he did not want to wear a pink tulle tutu so Brandi (Models to the Rescue) wore it instead.  Cannot imagine why.   🙂  So, here is our boy Chico looking all studly and handsome posing on top of, but not in, a pink tulle skirt.  And there you have it.


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