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Neill Family Portraits

Julie and Brent had me visit their house this fall for family portraits with their recently expanded clan, now including not only Mimi the Cat but Bella the Goldendoodle puppy.  Bella was all for heading out into the backyard for some playtime, but Mimi…..not so much.  Still , we had a great time and managed […]

Fez at Kennesaw Mountain {Kennesaw Dog Photographer}

There’s not much better in the late fall than getting outside to enjoy the crisp air and the crunch of leaves on the ground. And if you can do it in the company of a sweet dog and his humans it’s even better. The Bush family trekked out to Kennesaw Mountain for a photo session […]

Bella and Zoe – Weimaraner Portraits in Atlanta {Nina Parker Pets}

My affection for Weimaraners goes WAY, way back……specifically to junior high school and a favorite teacher.  Mr. Jackson was both an entertaining and engaging speaker and our class sponsor, so he is a key figure in my school experience.  He was also the owner of a magnificent Weimaraner named Shadow, and during one memorable Chapel service utilized […]