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And on the subject of pink tulle (from yesterday’s post)…….it was brought to my attention I had not shared this image from Chico’s photo shoot.  My bad.  For some silly reason he did not want to wear a pink tulle tutu so Brandi (Models to the Rescue) wore it instead.  Cannot imagine why.   🙂  So, here is our boy Chico looking all studly and handsome posing on top of, but not in, a pink tulle skirt.  And there you have it.


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What a very special day we had with Chestnut! When Kaitlyn contacted me about this precious girl, I was all in. We decided to shoot a special glam ‘Pretty Pup session with Chestnut to show off her personality and coloring, as well as her girly side.

This sweet girl has been in the care of Homeless Pets Foundation for several months and really deserves to find a loving home. Chestnut is an American Bulldog/Boxer mix with a gorgeous brindle coat that has a very striking grey sheen. She is young and healthy and has a lot of love to give.

When Kaitlyn and Chestnut arrived, we got them prettied up in full out girliness: a pink tulle full length skirt on Kaitlyn with an adorable denim jacket and couture headpiece by Australian designer Helena Rose, a perfect combination of classy and country. On Chestnut we did a pink tutu I made plus a flower headband. She looked ADORABLE. For the session itself we headed out to a park near my studio and enjoyed a gorgeous spring day for this photo shoot.

Are you interested in Chestnut?  Check out her profile HERE.



Kaitlyn looked so stunning I just had to take some portraits of her, too.


By the end of the shoot, Chestnut was rolling and wiggling with joy!



Best way to spend a gorgeous spring day in Atlanta?? By getting a girl and her Pitbull all dolled up and heading outside for some glamour photos, of course!! Blue and Brianna have a very special connection that was obvious from the minute I met them. I could not say it any better than Brianna did, so here is their story in her own words:

“I met Blue the day after she was found wandering the streets and arrived at Homeless Pet Foundation in August of 2013. I was the one who recognized that the nasty symptoms she was experiencing were an indicator of serious illness, and rushed her to the vet. It took all the technicians working on her daily to help her recover. Right from the start I wanted to adopt her, and made a point to spend time with her as often as possible. Very quickly the staccato rhythm of her tail wagging and hitting the side of the kennel as I approached communicated her feelings: I was in love, and the feeling was mutual! I told Homeless Pets I would foster her as soon as my mom was back in town from her job. But during that wait, Blue was adopted out. I was heart broken but happy she found her “forever” home.

A week later, I come in to work and there was Blue! The adopter had returned Blue, saying that she “didn’t like the breed.” Blue came home with me that night, quickly won over my family, and I formally adopted her. Then, only a few months later, her abdomen started filling with liquid. Countless draining, blood draws, ultrasounds and over $1,300 later, I was informed that she has a liver shunt and that she had about a year to live. That was in April of 2014. We put her on two medications and a prescription food and she reacted well within 24 hours. She is still on these medications and food and she is doing amazing!

Between the medications, the tests, one surgery and the prescription foods, Blue has cost me over $2,000. Money saved for a trip to Europe instead paid for Blue’s treatment. I knew if I only had a year with her, I didn’t want to spend any time apart. Even after foregoing the trip there was still a lot to pay off, but I kept working and it is now all paid. Blue is the most special person(dog) in my life. She goes and visits people with me and loves EVERYONE. Despite her tough past she is gentle and friendly with everyone she meets.”

This session was an absolute blast.  Color scheme inspired by the furry girl’s name, of course, plus Brianna’s love of the color and Blue’s harness.  Teal blue pettiskirt, black corset and tank top, black ribbon headbands on Bri and Blue, plus mini doggie tutu, all belonging to the Glamour Closet at the studio.  Feather earrings, sunglasses, and awesome shoes Brianna’s own.  Photographed in Smyrna, GA near the Community Center and Library and Smyrna Market Village shops.



When Leslie contacted me about doing a session with her girl Juno, two things stood out: she reminded me of my black Lab (Lucas), and yeah….she’s a girly dog who loves wearing her pink tutu and being told how pretty she is! Win and Win!

Juno was absolutely a doll to work with. When Leslie moved to Atlanta from Michigan, one of her first to-do’s was to adopt her very own pup. Having always been surrounded by rescue dogs growing up, she was eager to find a deserving dog who needed a good home. When Leslie and fiance (now husband) Nick went to the Atlanta Humane Society in the summer of 2011 they were drawn a lab/pitbull mix looking sad and depressed in her cage. Aside from being a black dog, frequently overlooked by visitors to the shelter, she was being passed over due to her lack of enthusiasm toward potential adopters. Who could blame her? She had been returned twice, and had probably lost hope of ever finding her furever home.

Leslie and Nick were smitten with the pup and moved by her sad story, so they decided to take her out to play in the yard to see if she would cheer up. Once Juno made it outside, her whole personality changed: she quickly opened up and ran around the yard and put her face up to the sun. Juno and Nick bonded immediately and she became a new member of their family that day. Juno just needed a chance to shine and for someone to appreciate who quiet but affectionate personality. She is a typical, lazy dog who enjoys sunbathing and relaxing on Nick’s lap. She may not have the most energy, but she definitely is not depressed and demonstrates that every day with her cuddles and dog kisses. Juno turned 6 this year and can expect to spend the rest of her life safely with Nick and Leslie.


Um, helller, camera lady……where’s my pink skirt???  Or a treat??  OR BOTH?!?!?Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3147Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3149Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3160Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3209

The have a such a sweet energy and connection between them.  It’s obvious Juno ADORES Leslie.Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3176Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3183Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3189

This one just spoke to me in classic black and white.  It looks timeless to me.Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3191

Work it, Leslie……WORK that pink chiffon skirt!!!Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3219

Juno having her glamour moment with a crown of flowers in pink and cranberry created especially for her.Glamour-Dog-Pitbull-Atlanta-NinaParkerPhotography-3170Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3224Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3200