Holiday Doggie Mini Sessions


SAT 17TH & SUN 18th – NOVEMBER 2018

10AM-4PM | Smyrna, GA

Join me on November 17th-18th for an all-new studio experience –  a 15-minute festive photo session in our NW Atlanta studio against the new Starry and Bright backdrop.

After we capture some beautiful portraits of your furry family member we’ll sit down together for a brief Ordering Session so you can see proofs immediately and go ahead and select portraits for holiday cards and gifts.


There is a limited number of these special sessions… now to reserve your spot!

With the holiday season in mind, this session focuses on digital files for your holiday cards.  You may add on additional files, prints, or other products if you wish. Immediately after your dog’s photo shoot we’ll sit down together, take a look at some gorgeous samples, and select the images you want to purchase.



Starry and Bright Session


15 Minute Shoot

Two (2) Hi Res Digital Files

Suitable for 1-2 dogs and 1-2 humans, max

Images viewed and selected immediately





Times Available:


Sat 10am – BOOKED (Sam)

Sat 11am – BOOKED (April)

Sat 1pm – BOOKED (Ellie)

Sat 2pm – Available

Sat 3pm – Available

Sat 4pm – Available


Sun 1pm  –   BOOKED  (Linda)

Sun 2pm  –   BOOKED  (Callie)

Sun 3pm – BOOKED (Frank/ Susie)

Sun 4pm –   BOOKED ( Monica )


Frequently Asked Questions


Does my dog have to be well-trained?

These special sessions take place in a modestly sized studio environment, so a strong sit and stay is highly recommended.  Having at least a modicum of control with your pet will allow for a wider variety of poses, the best possible portraits, and less stress for the handler.  It’s a great investment of your time to brush up on commands ahead of your session. But don’t worry if your dog doesn’t have the perfect stay – we can work with them on lead and edit it out later.

If your dog gets very excited in new environments (or is a bit of a bull in a china shop!) then please make sure you exercise them before your session to burn off any excess energy.  Also, even house-trained dogs can become overly excited in a new environment and tinkle.  Please arrive BEFORE your session time and take a brief stroll around the grounds to allow your pet to potty BEFORE knocking on the door.


What is included?

All Starry & Bright sessions include the following:

  • A 15-minute photo session for your dog(s), taking place at our studio in Smyrna, GA on a special set with a lovely holiday backdrop.
  • A 15-minute Ordering Session  immediately after your shoot.  Your Session Fee of $99 includes the session and 2 Hi Res (printable) digital images.  Additional files, prints, and other products are available for purchase off the regular price list.


How does it work?

We want to keep the emphasis on the JOY of the season, so these sessions are meant to be simple and fun!

Booking:  Go to the event page, choose your time, pay your Retainer, and your appointment is secured.  You’ll receive a Confirmation email from us with your day and time, plus address and driving directions and basic instructions.

Preparation:  Mark it on your calendar!  Get your dog groomed or bathed as necessary.  Gauge your drive time and plan accordingly.  On the day of the shoot, walk your pet and let them get their energy out.  Arrive prior to your session so you can park and let your pet potty one more time before entering the studio.

Photo Shoot: We’ll take a number of shots in various poses on the holiday background.   You may bring accessories or outfits of your pet if you wish.

Ordering Session:  Right after the shoot we will walk into the Client Room to view the (unedited) images immediately.  You can see and handle our artwork samples, ask me any questions you may have, and select the images for your files.    Once you have made your selections the Session Fee will be applied to your Order and the balance for any additional products will be due.  Since this IS the time your Order will be placed please have all decision makers present.

Order Receipt:  After the Order is placed purchased images will be retouched.  Websized and Hi Res images will be emailed to you, and products such as prints and artwork may be picked up here at the studio or delivered to you.


Can I bring more than one dog to the session?

Yes.  You may have 2 dogs photographed together (based on their cooperation), as well as individually.


Can I order additional items beyond the Special Collections?

Absolutely! You’ll have the opportunity to upgrade at your Order Session (once you’ve seen some product samples).


Do I have to Book and Pay in advance?

Yes.  These Special Edition sessions only happen once a year, so for things to run smoothly you’ll need to book a slot in advance. Don’t worry, it’s super simple to do – just choose your time, complete the online booking form and pay your Retainer, and you’re all set!  Once that is received you’ll receive an email Confirmation with your time and our studio address.

Please note:  this event is tightly scheduled, so if you arrive late, you will only have the remaining time in your session slot to create your portraits.  Discounts or refunds will not be given for missed or partial sessions if you are late, and the collections shown above will not be available after the event.




Any more questions?  Give me a shout at

Or call me at 770-330-5414