If Tia’s ears seem to be her most noticeable feature, it may be so she can hear you call her and come running.  With just a few licks and nuzzles she can make it all better!  Tia is a 30 lb Schnauzer and Wire Haired Terrie mix, about 10 months old, very affectionate, and gets along with other dogs as well as children.  She will definitely be someone’s cuddle bug, but as a young dog she also has enough energy to be active.  She is available for adoption through Orphan Annie Rescue.




Amidst everything going on this time of year, it also happens to be Canine Cancer Awareness month. The Joy Raising Campaign is an initiative by pet photographers all over to raise awareness and funds for research to treat and cure this disease. We are participating by offering a special portrait event on November 5th with a portion of the proceeds donated to Morris Animal Foundation. If you’d like to support this cause and get a fantastic portrait of your pet in the process, check out the link for more details.



Joy Raising Campaign – Mini Portrait Event



There’s cute, and then there’s CUTE.   All cap, bold, epic level of ridiculous cuteness.  You can guess which level these pupsters fall into.  Tate and Tyson have a lot of love to give and are just looking for a home.  These babies were born shortly after their mom was rescued from a puppy mill situation.  They are healthy and have been raised by the fantastic volunteers at Orphan Annie Rescue and are now available for adoption.  Both are boys–the mom is a Schnauzer/Pomeranian mix, unknown on the daddy dog.  I’m referring to them as SchnauzerPoms…..has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

To find out more about them email info@orphanannierescue.org or visit the site at http://www.orphanannierescue.org/



What a fantastic day for a spooktacular event for the pet community. Six Flags Over Georgia hosted the 3rd annual Spooky Walk n Wag that featured a parade through the park and a costume contest with some great prizes. The weather was perfect and everyone came out with their outfits to see and be seen. There were dogs of about every shape and size and breed represented, and lots of cute costumes. Some were purchased, some were very unique and custom made, but all were perfect for the pet wearing it. Some of the humans got in on the action, as well, donning clothes or costumes that coordinated with their pet. It was fantastic. Here are a few images from the day…..


You gotta love this…..an entire family of minions!


Waiting in line to strut their stuff on stage during the costume contest.


These babies looked fantastic and showed team pride by wearing their jerseys.


Some Looney Tunes characters were on hand to show their support during the costume contest and meet and greet the attendees.


This adorable little witch not only looked fantastic but also showed off some tricks to wow the judges.



In case you were worried about anyone’s safety, never fear!  This trio of masked enforcers were on hand to maintain law and order.  Keeping the hats with the badges on was a different story but I’ll say this is a different spin on Blue Line.  🙂


A huge thanks to Six Flags for hosting the event and showing everyone a fantastic time.  Most of the attendees and dog were able to walk around the park for several hours after the event and enjoy the attractions.  A great time was had by all!  Happy Trick or Treating to you all.


If you’d like to see more images from the day check out the gallery HERE