Fall Mini Sessions

FALL Mini Sessions

By Appointment Only

$45 Sitting Fee

20 Minute Session

Packages $75 – $395

Outside Park/Walking Trail Location Near SunTrust/The Battery


Sessions are for Dogs or Dogs+Humans up to 4 subjects total 

Sitting Fee does not include Digital Files


Let’s do it!

For the ideal, flattering outdoor light, sessions are scheduled within 60-90 minutes of either sunrise or sunset.  Slots for these special sessions are limited:  most will be on Tuesdays, Thursdays, with limited slots on Saturdays.  You may choose from the slots listed or call the studio to request a specific day/time.  🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mini Sessions are only available at specific time slots in order to shoot in the best outdoor light.Sessions can be held in the morning or early evening.When you schedule your shoot you will be offered available slots to choose from. 

These sessions are outdoors, at one of several walking paths and parks selected by the photographer near The Battery (Junction of I-285/I-75).If you would like to schedule a shoot at the location of your choosing you may book a regular session. 

No.Most of my furry clients are cherished pets with minimal training.Very often dogs are on leash with the owners standing right next to them, just out of frame…..in the finished product the leash is removed and all you see is the dog.

Having said that, even a little bit of adherence to SIT and STAY commands can make the session much smoother and can increase the number of good shots you’ll have to choose from.Taking the time to practice these basic commands before your sessionwill be worth it in creating a more enjoyable experience for your dog, in minimizing your challenges handling your dog during the shoot, and in yielding a great number of winning poses.

Mini Sessions CAN include both dogs and humans, with certain limitations.These sessions are brief, and are best for no more than 2 dogs, with adults or older children.If the subjects you desire to be photographed involve more than 2 more dogs, more than 2 humans, or younger children, we’ll be happy to schedule a full session to best meet your needs.

Yes.  Immediately after shooting we will sit down together on a nearby bench, or on the patio of the nearby coffee shop.We’ll review the images on a Laptop and select your favorites.Please have all decision makers present and have your preferred method of payment available.  This is the ONLY time this pricing and your images will be available.  Images you purchase are archived; unordered images are purged.

Due to the tight scheduling of this event it is imperative that clients arrive on time for their shoots.It will not be possible to run over into another client’s reserved time.Slightly late arrival will mean less shooting time and few images to choose from; 10 minutes late or more will forfeit the time slot.There are no refunds for Mini Session Sitting Fees.