What is the Pups of the Park Project?

Pups of the Park is a Project created as a gift to our neighborhood.  During a time of unusual stressors, we need community, positivity, and things to bring a smile to our face more than ever.


The parameters of the project are simple:

1.  Photograph dogs who live in Williams Park (from a distance)

2.  Share the images online with a short bio about them

3.  Smile, enjoy, and wave the next time you pass each other on a walk


The photos are taken from a safe distance using a long lens, with your dog standing on their porch or in their yard or sidewalk  Appropriate social distancing will be observed, and details like owner’s name, etc. are not included.

The portrait will be shared on my Instagram (@ninaparkerphoto) and a web sized digital image emailed to you, as well.

These quick shoots are being planned during my daily walks through the neighborhood.   Early evening is the best light for outdoor photos, so 5-7pm is the preferred time to request an appointment.

There is NO CHARGE for the quick shoot or the web ready digital image emailed to you.   

Interested in having your dog photographed?  Give me a shout via email or phone to set up a time.


Contact me!