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Heard from a dear client that their beloved Riley passed on after a brief illness. It has been a joy to document this family journey starting with two rescued Golden Retrievers, then the arrival of human brother Oliver, through Ollie’s 1 year session last spring. Another two legger will be added to the family soon and Riley won’t be there to welcome the new baby, but his memory will live on. So glad he had some wonderful years of being loved and cherished by this awesome family, and that the portraits we created will live on and preserve his goofy doggie smile for year to come. RIP Riley.


Got the news today from Bill that his sweet boy Bowser has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is in a better place. So glad we did a photo shoot of this gentle soul last year when he was still his mellow but playful self. His loss will be felt deeply but what wonderful memories they made in 8 years together. Please hug your furbabies a bit tighter this evening, pay them some extra attention, and enjoy the unconditional love they always give to you. And make sure you have quality portraits of your pets!!!



Always a fun day when friends bring pups and babies to the box. One of the things I enjoy about my Crossfit class is the opportunity to enjoy some things I don’t have myself but enjoy immensely: dogs and babies! haha Fairly often Remy and her owner will be in for a workout and I’ll get some dog kisses, plus we have several moms who bring in their little ones who are, of course, doted on by staff and members. I know each Crossfit box has it’s own culture and character but I love the sense of community and quality that is cultivated at Crossfit Resurgens.


Today’s client….


Today’s office…..


Today’s footwear (on your left), versus my normal footwear….


Today’s happy hour activity….


At the end of a lovely and full day with my dear friend Russell and his boy Zeus we headed back to Atlanta and saw this gorgeous sunset.  Georgia on my mind, indeed.


When furry babies are settled and secure in a home, introducing a infant newcomer can be…..interesting. Got to visit one of my favorite clients today and I can tell you Jake and Riley seem to be making the transition pretty well. Little brother Oliver came home a few weeks ago, and the dogs seem to handling the transition just fine. The dogs are both rescues acquired from AdoptAGolden, an organization dedicated to re-homing Golden Retrievers who are in need. The senior dog, Riley, definitely has a protective air about his little human brother: whenever Oliver would fuss Riley would either lift his head for a glance or get up and come over for an exploratory sniff. Younger dog Jake doesn’t seem as intrigued with the new addition–hopefully that will change when Oliver is old enough to play with him. It was so good to visit this family and see how life has changed for them. With two dogs and a newborn they have their hands full! Congratulation, “C” family!