When furry babies are settled and secure in a home, introducing a infant newcomer can be…..interesting. Got to visit one of my favorite clients today and I can tell you Jake and Riley seem to be making the transition pretty well. Little brother Oliver came home a few weeks ago, and the dogs seem to handling the transition just fine. The dogs are both rescues acquired from AdoptAGolden, an organization dedicated to re-homing Golden Retrievers who are in need. The senior dog, Riley, definitely has a protective air about his little human brother: whenever Oliver would fuss Riley would either lift his head for a glance or get up and come over for an exploratory sniff. Younger dog Jake doesn’t seem as intrigued with the new addition–hopefully that will change when Oliver is old enough to play with him. It was so good to visit this family and see how life has changed for them. With two dogs and a newborn they have their hands full! Congratulation, “C” family!



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