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When my friend Ellie contacted me to ask about a rescue dog I’d recently photographed, I knew something was afoot.  Sure enough, after providing some tidbits of info based on my brief meeting they went to meet her and fell head over heels in love.  Application submitted, a patient waiting game till work responsibilities were addressed and home set up and BAM:  Lulu went home with Ellie and Jack!

Happily, I’ve now gotten to see Lulu several times with her new Mom and Dad and there’s no question it’s love love love all around.  Lulu has attended Crossfit workouts with Ellie (no, she did not do any burpees but some running was in order).  I also got to photograph this newly expanded family and it was so fun.


Here’s Lulu with her new parents.

Still feeling the love in the air from this Valentine season…..let’s keep it going just a wee bit longer! Here’s Stella and Diesel sharing some Boxer-tasticness. If you’re still high on the fumes from Cupid’s recent activity take a minute to share some smoochies to the loves of your life. Happy Wednesday!⠀


♬”It’s beginning to look a lot like……..”♬, well, you know the rest. It may not be a winter wonderland yet here in Atlanta but I was in the mood. So I converted this recent portrait of Darcy from fall to ‘Frozen’ via some post processing magic. Princess Elsa’s got nothing on this adorable little Chihuahua. Can’t wait for her Mom to receive her prints. Give us a shout at the studio if you’d like something similar for your pet without a trip up North!⠀




What a fantastic experience with my new 2 legged and 4 legged friends at this event. The organizers worked hard to create an amazing experience promoting pet adoption, advocacy, health, and volunteerism. A teeny bit of rain could not stop the fun. Lots of great vendors and organization were on hand, and there were Olympic style events, a lure course, and dachshund races. Quite a few precious pups went home with loving owners that day…..SUCCESS! Can’t wait for next year.

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Received this fabulous email from clients Jim and Nancy yesterday:


“One of our longtime friends used one of your portraits of Hentry to create a Christmas present that just blew us away.  THe image (on the pillow is made from hand tufted wool.  It even feels like him!”


What a precious gift.  So thrilling to see an image I’ve created turned into a beautiful keepsake.  Henry, you’re a star!