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Thor, one of the puppies born to Toni.  Mom Toni is a Treeing Walking Coonhound mix who was about to give birth in a high-kill county facility in north GA.  Homeless Pets Foundation pulled her and a few days later she gave birth to 8 precious babies at the Marietta facility on May 11th.  The puppies are all now available for adoption.HomelessPetsFoundation_Marietta_NinaParkerPhotography_7072


Tonka, another of Toni’s puppies.


Mantis, male pup from a litter of 8 rescued by volunteers at Gordon County Animal Control in north GA.  Some sort of bird dog mix, born on 4/29/16.  A volunteer fostered them for a bit until they arrived at Homeless Pets this week, so they’ve already had some socialization.  These pups will be transported to Bideawee in New York City on Tuesday if not adopted over the weekend.  Rescue opportunities are not as plentiful up north so there are many families eager to get these pups!


This is Apricot, a sweet little girl who knows how to look pretty in a floral collar.  Homeless Pets Foundation accepted her and her 8 siblings from Tri-State Rescue in north GA.  The mom is a border collie mix but the pups look like shepherds so must take after dad!  They are about 7-8 weeks old.



These next two dogs are Vanity and Natalie, sisters found at a church and never claimed, not micro-chipped.  They look like a very interesting mix of Basset/Catahoula/Hound.  Yes, Vanity has one blue eye and one brown and she is so striking with her ‘oreo’ coloring.


Rita, one of two puppies found with their dad running down the highway recently.  The story was featured on Fox news, not only due to the craziness of someone dumping their dogs on a high speed interstate but due to the awesome rescue by a dog lover who turned around to go retrieve them.  Rita is very sweet, smart, loving and active, and just  has the sweetest face.  She was born around Valentine’s day and is a Chow/Border Collie/Terrier mix.

HomelessPetsFoundation_Marietta_NinaParkerPhotography_7217Momma dog Cashew was at a local county animal control facility and heavily pregnant.  She just gave birth at Homeless Pets Foundation last week and had 12 babies.  Unfortunately, she got a bacterial infection that made her and her puppies sick.  She and the puppies are being treated but at this point only 5 have survived.   A volunteer took all the puppies home trying to save them by bottle-feeding round the clock.  Poor Cashew is even sadder now that she’s separated from her babies but hopefully this will enable the pups to get stronger and mama, as well.  Fingers and paws crossed!


This is Meadow, a spunky and fun Cattle dog mix.  She’s been with Homeless Pets Foundation since April 2014, when she was rescued in the nick of time from being euthanized at a south GA high-kill shelter.  This is a very loving and smart dog who will thrive with an active owner.  She has a high energy level and needs lots of exercise and stimulation.


What a fantastic experience with my new 2 legged and 4 legged friends at this event. The organizers worked hard to create an amazing experience promoting pet adoption, advocacy, health, and volunteerism. A teeny bit of rain could not stop the fun. Lots of great vendors and organization were on hand, and there were Olympic style events, a lure course, and dachshund races. Quite a few precious pups went home with loving owners that day…..SUCCESS! Can’t wait for next year.

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Cinderella is a 30LB Female Jack Russell, approximately 1yr & 2 months old. Up To Date on shots, plays very well with other and has not been spayed as of yet. She arrived at Dogma 1/15/16 after being found wondering the streets of Marietta by the Avenues off Dallas Hwy. Attempts to find her house were extensive. She’s ready for a forever home.

Adoption cost is determined by whether Dogma gets her spayed or her forever home guarantees this procedure.

Call the Front Desk at Dogma for further details 770-436-4346


In a city as large at Atlanta, there are myriad housing options to choose from. However, if you are a pet owner, the options become more limited. If you enjoy social activities in town and want to be close to the action, those options can narrow even further. Happily, there are now some really appealing options available. Two of these properties were planning ads in the upcoming edition of Pet Pages Magazine, so the publisher got in touch with me to see if I was available to shoot the images for the ads. That is how I ended up on a sunny rooftop with a nice view of downtown Atlanta, hanging out with some fun folks and spending time with an adorable puppy. The goal was to show off the outdoor patio area available to residents at the Berkeley Heights apartments off Northside Drive. Our canine model was a rescue named Atticus. Of course, once we got the editorial work done I just had to get some portraits of that sweet puppy face to hopefully help speed along the process of finding him a new home.