In a city as large at Atlanta, there are myriad housing options to choose from. However, if you are a pet owner, the options become more limited. If you enjoy social activities in town and want to be close to the action, those options can narrow even further. Happily, there are now some really appealing options available. Two of these properties were planning ads in the upcoming edition of Pet Pages Magazine, so the publisher got in touch with me to see if I was available to shoot the images for the ads. That is how I ended up on a sunny rooftop with a nice view of downtown Atlanta, hanging out with some fun folks and spending time with an adorable puppy. The goal was to show off the outdoor patio area available to residents at the Berkeley Heights apartments off Northside Drive. Our canine model was a rescue named Atticus. Of course, once we got the editorial work done I just had to get some portraits of that sweet puppy face to hopefully help speed along the process of finding him a new home.

Atticus-LuckyDogRescue-NinaParkerPets-0230 Atticus-LuckyDogRescue-NinaParkerPets-0256 Atticus-LuckyDogRescue-NinaParkerPets-0259 Atticus-LuckyDogRescue-NinaParkerPets-0264 Atticus-LuckyDogRescue-NinaParkerPets-0265 Atticus-LuckyDogRescue-NinaParkerPets-0266