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Images taken with supplementary lighting

If Tia’s ears seem to be her most noticeable feature, it may be so she can hear you call her and come running.  With just a few licks and nuzzles she can make it all better!  Tia is a 30 lb Schnauzer and Wire Haired Terrie mix, about 10 months old, very affectionate, and gets along with other dogs as well as children.  She will definitely be someone’s cuddle bug, but as a young dog she also has enough energy to be active.  She is available for adoption through Orphan Annie Rescue.



There’s cute, and then there’s CUTE.   All cap, bold, epic level of ridiculous cuteness.  You can guess which level these pupsters fall into.  Tate and Tyson have a lot of love to give and are just looking for a home.  These babies were born shortly after their mom was rescued from a puppy mill situation.  They are healthy and have been raised by the fantastic volunteers at Orphan Annie Rescue and are now available for adoption.  Both are boys–the mom is a Schnauzer/Pomeranian mix, unknown on the daddy dog.  I’m referring to them as SchnauzerPoms…..has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

To find out more about them email or visit the site at


It’s Friday……hallelujah. Fun outtake from Medo’s photoshoot yesterday. His mom Brooke brought him in for studio portraits and he showed off some solid clicker training results……such a good boy! And in mid-bark his ears get some impressive ear flappage, which just tickled me to pieces. Kind of reminded me of Sally Field’s headgear as The Flying Nun.


Still need a Father’s Day gift idea? Get Dad something he’ll really cherish: a portrait of him with ‘man’s best friend’. Through Sunday we are offering vouchers for a special ‘Dad & Me’ package: $85 gets him a mini session plus a matted 5×7 print. He can claim his session anytime during the next 6 months and choose between a studio session at our location in Smyrna or outdoor session at the nearby park. Contact the studio to purchase your gift voucher and arrange to have in hand before the weekend. 770-330-5414


Working on some new promo stuff for dog portraits and found this shot of Sable I had not previously shared. Love her expression. It’s almost like she’s looking at me and saying , “It’s Saturday….get off the computer, woman!”

Got it! Knocking off till Tuesday spend quality time with friends and family. Have a great holiday weekend, everyone.