Miss Lucy, sitting on the dock at Piedmont Park with the city in the background.  Sneak Peak for Pia of her baby Lucy’s puppy session…. #atlantaphotographer #atlantadogphotographer #petphotography #goldendoodle

Puppies and sticks….a love story – Atlanta Dog Photographer

“Um, what does “Leave it” mean, mom? It’s my stick and I wants it!!” Outtake from yesterday’s session with Pia and her 4 month old furbaby Lucy. #dogphotography #atlanta #piedmontpark #petportrait

Marcy and the Scott Family

This post has been a long time coming, for a variety of reasons.  What in the world could I possibly write that would do it justice? My words will still likely not be equal to the task of honoring Marcy, Buck, Charlotte, and Stewart, but I can’t think of a better time, Christmas Day, to […]

He’s all That!!! Sneak Peak – Atlanta Dog Photography Session

If a dog could communicate a classic, ‘Joey Tribiani’-esque “How YOU doin’?” by sheer expression….this would be it. #dog #photography #portrait #petphotography