Taste is a very personal issue: what is appealing/attractive to some may seem bizarre or ghastly to others, and vice versa. In the world of pet photography, one side is at a slight disadvantage having little means to voice their opinions…..and no opposable thumbs to get at certain accessories bestowed upon them.

Sadly, Mr. Wrinkles found himself donning a hat for this short session that he was, shall we say, less than enthused about. After a bit of dodge and weave he saw that resistance was useless and settled in for the duration. And bless his heart, he looked super cute. The look on his face was fairly eloquent, though.


I think this one shot says it all:  it was a wider shot but when I zoomed in I think I spotted a tear on his cheek.  Poor guy!  But the humiliation actually only lasted a few minutes, then a got a treat and was happy and back to his old self. Despite it all the wagging tail was back the minute the hat came off and he gave me some sweet kisses.  And we’ll always have the memories of him in the elf hat!  🙂  It was worth it.