Photographing women looking feminine and beautiful AND photographing dog portraits are two of my favorite, favorite things. So of course I decided to do them…..together! And I could not think of a better way than to find a sweet rescue dog (along with her foster or owner) to tell her story and create some fun photos. When Amanda reached out to me about Paddy, a young Pitbull she is caring for and trying to place in a home, my heart just broke. Paddy is a fairly young dog who apparently was used to generate puppies, possibly for income (or worse yet, for the dog fighting industry), and was summarily abandoned in a pretty remote area. Luckily she was rescued and is currently under a vet’s care, where she has been spayed and is being treated for the heartworms she contracted while not being cared for. Sadly, Amanda tells me that after her rescue Paddy kept searching for her puppies and was very sad, poor mama. She is definitely perking up now and getting healthier and showing a very affectionate and relaxed personality. Paddy has a LOT of love to give….all she needs is an opportunity.

This was SUCH a fun session…..I loved creating this special new tulle skirt for Amanda along with a matching mini tutu for Miss Paddy.   And we pulled out some pretty hats and flowers to play with, too.  Once I saw how calm and cooperative she was I took a chance with my beautiful, bespoke pink silk floral headpiece by Sydney, Australia designer Helena Rose and put it on Paddy….she was a good girl and wore it well with nary a nibble.  She was good on leash, enjoyed running around the park, giving lots of dog kisses, and cuddling in laps whenever one was available. She is a very affectionate girl and has an adorable and expressive face. If you are interested in meeting Paddy and welcoming her into your home please contact me directly at and I will put you in touch with Amanda. 🙂