Gonna be honest with you guys: the most recent shoot at @HomelessPetsFoundation was a bit challenging. All of our subjects were scared and anxious, even more than usual, and it was tough to get the shots we wanted. These dogs necessarily spend most of their time in a kennel, so when they get to come out it can be both relieving and frightening. Noise, barking, strange dogs, people they don’t know….looking ‘happy’ and engaging for a photo is a tall order. Most clung to our volunteer coordinator Leanne for dear life. One big girl literally crawled into my lap and onto me, as if she would hide in my chest cavity if possible. After a little loving and some treats their personalities start to come out a bit, but they deserve so much more. More time, more attention, more exercise. These rescue dogs REALLY need a home, but a volunteer to walk them is a good start, and a foster home to get them out of here would be even better. Most of these dogs have SO MUCH love to give. Please consider what you can do to help, whether it’s dropping by to volunteer occasionally or fostering or donating supplies. Thanks for your support!