With every photo session that I do, there are various points in the process that make me particularly happy. For me, the session itself and the time spent with clients is a huge high point, whether it’s a wedding day, an engagement session, or a portrait session with dogs or people. Another BIG moment is seeing the joy that people get from their images when they first see them. But another awesome and uniquely satisfying experience is seeing and touching beautiful pieces of photographic art created from my images and knowing these items will bring my clients joy for years to come.

After Bella and Zoe’s session their mom purchased a print to frame, which was her main goal from the session. But she also selected a hardcover fine art book in order to enjoy all of her images, and added a set of mini accordian albums for her purse and office. For these books a rich, earthy linen cover was chosen for both the fine art book and the matching accordian albums.



My affection for Weimaraners goes WAY, way back……specifically to junior high school and a favorite teacher.  Mr. Jackson was both an entertaining and engaging speaker and our class sponsor, so he is a key figure in my school experience.  He was also the owner of a magnificent Weimaraner named Shadow, and during one memorable Chapel service utilized Shadow to illustrate the point he was making in his talk.  I’ll never forget hearing Mr. Jackson’s voice ringing through the auditorium giving a command, and seeing a streak of grey charge down the aisle and leap up onto the platform.  It was my first introduction to the athletic and dignified German breed, and it made quite an impression.
So when I got a call to do a session for two Weimaraners I was thrilled.  Bella and Zoe and their humans share a lovely home in Buckhead, and I think the girls know how lucky they are to have been rescued by their owners.  Bella is older and clearly the alpha, but she and Zoe get along and clearly have a bond.   They have a particular interest in chipmunks, and with a lush and wooded lot surrounding the back yard, no shortage of potential prey.  Even in repose, though, these dogs have so much life and personality in their eyes….they were a joy to photograph.




Meet some of the newest arrivals rescued by Homeless Pets Foundation. These dogs have been abandoned, given up by owners no longer willing to care for them, or rescued from other shelters overwhelmed with dogs. All desperately need good homes, as more and more dogs come in every day. (The day I shot these photos 19 dogs were brought in) There are SO MANY ways you can help: stop by to walk a dog, help out at an adoption event, attend a fundraiser, donate, transport, or foster a dog. For more information on dogs and opportunities to help please go to http://www.homelesspets.com/