>After more than our fair show of rainy days, Atlanta finally emerged this week soggy and in need of some sunshine.  A warm and bright day at Piedmont Park with some new friends was exactly the right option.  Aside from the rain and gloom, I’ve been up to my eyeballs with work prepping for The Bridal Extravaganza this weekend.  So I figured a break from all things bridal would do me good and help me return to the task with renewed energy!

I met up with Hawk and his human Jeff at Piedmont Park for a mini lifestyle session.  Our first stop was the dock.  As soon as we got close I asked if Hawk liked ducks, and Jeff said he wasn’t sure since he’d probably never seen one before.  It seems that Hawk isn’t much for aquatic activities, not being a fan of water.  So, nothing to worry about.

Here are Hawk’s very intense observation skills being demonstrated.  The ducks seemed unperturbed.
What a happy boy!  He was THRILLED to be outside in the sun.
So much to see and sniff…..so little time.

If you suspect that you know what happens next…….you’re probably right.   One minute Hawk seemed happy stretching his legs, running down the dock between Jeff and I, and the next moment he simply crouched and dove into the water.  It was one of those moments where you see what’s happening in slow motion and are unable to move fast enough.  We were SO surprised that I think we both froze for a moment.  Jeff dropped his cell phone and I nearly dropped the camera as scrambled to pull a frantically dog-paddling Hawk up out of the water.  Let’s just say the couple on the bench nearby got a quite a show and seemed to thoroughly enjoy watching the whole thing.  Maybe Hawk surprised himself, too.  NOT a water dog, huh?

So, an air-dry session disguised as a walk was definitely in order.  We cruised around Piedmont for a bit before finding some stairs and a view of the Midtown skyline.

Always on the lookout for the S-Q-U-I-R-R-E-L-S.  Because, ya know, a dog can never be too watchfu.

These guys definitely have a very strong bond.  Hawk was a rescue and it always seems to me that these dogs know that and have a little extra bit of love and appreciation to show their humans.

Thanks Hawk and Jeff for a fun session.  I hope you enjoy your images!