Great News!!! This nugget, her siblings, and about 40 other dogs just made the road trip to New York to meet their adopters.  Homeless Pets Foundation partners with rescues in other parts of the country to bring animals from overpupulated areas (see what I did there?!) to communities seeking adoptable animals. It’s a win-win-win! This endeavor is affectionately knows as The Underhound Railroad. It takes some awesome volunteers willing to make long drives, resources in the form of trucks and gas and time, and lots of communication between the rescues. But it is a HUGELY impactful strategy as it gets a lot of animals into homes. In some parts of the country, like the South, there are FAR more unwanted animals than homes for them. In other parts of the country, there are fewer rescues, fewer available animals, and many willing adopters. Bringing them together is a great plan. Kudos to the amazing humans making this happen. ⠀

[if you feel a twang in your heart and would love to help there are a wide variety of options: drivers, handlers, weekend volunteers to assist with adoption events, donations of leashes, cleaning supplies, old towels and newspapers….and of course monetary donations are always welcome. There ARE ways to help even if you are not able to foster or adopt. Contact Homeless Pets to find out more about ways you can play a part in rescuing animals and helping them find a happy ending]⠀