When Leslie contacted me about doing a session with her girl Juno, two things stood out: she reminded me of my black Lab (Lucas), and yeah….she’s a girly dog who loves wearing her pink tutu and being told how pretty she is! Win and Win!

Juno was absolutely a doll to work with. When Leslie moved to Atlanta from Michigan, one of her first to-do’s was to adopt her very own pup. Having always been surrounded by rescue dogs growing up, she was eager to find a deserving dog who needed a good home. When Leslie and fiance (now husband) Nick went to the Atlanta Humane Society in the summer of 2011 they were drawn a lab/pitbull mix looking sad and depressed in her cage. Aside from being a black dog, frequently overlooked by visitors to the shelter, she was being passed over due to her lack of enthusiasm toward potential adopters. Who could blame her? She had been returned twice, and had probably lost hope of ever finding her furever home.

Leslie and Nick were smitten with the pup and moved by her sad story, so they decided to take her out to play in the yard to see if she would cheer up. Once Juno made it outside, her whole personality changed: she quickly opened up and ran around the yard and put her face up to the sun. Juno and Nick bonded immediately and she became a new member of their family that day. Juno just needed a chance to shine and for someone to appreciate who quiet but affectionate personality. She is a typical, lazy dog who enjoys sunbathing and relaxing on Nick’s lap. She may not have the most energy, but she definitely is not depressed and demonstrates that every day with her cuddles and dog kisses. Juno turned 6 this year and can expect to spend the rest of her life safely with Nick and Leslie.


Um, helller, camera lady……where’s my pink skirt???  Or a treat??  OR BOTH?!?!?Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3147Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3149Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3160Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3209

The have a such a sweet energy and connection between them.  It’s obvious Juno ADORES Leslie.Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3176Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3183Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3189

This one just spoke to me in classic black and white.  It looks timeless to me.Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3191

Work it, Leslie……WORK that pink chiffon skirt!!!Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3219

Juno having her glamour moment with a crown of flowers in pink and cranberry created especially for her.Glamour-Dog-Pitbull-Atlanta-NinaParkerPhotography-3170Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3224Dog-Glamour-Portraits-NinaParkerPets3200